HuffPost UK

5th May 2017

The Fashion Designer Who's Bringing Visual Impairment Into the Fashion Industry


The Guardian

8th June 2016

Bianca von Stempel, a partially sighted designer from Kingston University, says her collection, Tactility (dresses nodding to the 18th century and featuring braille dots) was inspired by a quote from Helen Keller (“the only thing worse than blindness is having sight but no vision”


Kingston University 

8th June 2016

IVisually impaired Kingston University fashion student Bianca Von Stempel makes waves with braille-inspired Graduate Fashion Week collection


The Royal Society for Blind Children

11th August 2016

Can a blind person be a fashion designer?


Fashion United

9th June 2016

Visually impaired fashion student makes waves with braille-inspired collection at Graduate Fashion Week



15th July 2016

Braille is the new black


Kingston university

11th March 2016

Visually impaired fashion student brings braille together with couture to create graduate collection

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FAD Finalists to show at Fashion Scout AW16

19th January 2016

We can all miss the beauty around us, but for those who are visually impaired this is even more so. Murky colours bleed together through light entering my eye. This draws me to the moving and intense light in ripples and reflections, in water or caught by the glass of my magnifier. To capture and communicate the barrier of the blur that separates me from detail.

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14th June 2016

Bianca von Stempel, an FAD finalist who is visually impaired, was put forward for the Sophie Hallette Lace Award for her feminine collection inspired by the way she sees the world. Bianca’s work was made from sheer and mottled fabrics such as organza and lace in muted colours to create a blurred effect.


FAD: Beauty in the Ordinary

27th April 2016

Ethereal and dreamlike designs were brought to the runway with Stempel's collection. Stempel layered light grey chiffon, creating timeless ruffles accented with hues of pink.


The River

8th February 2016

The fashion visionary


South West London

13th June 2016

Visually-Impaired Kingston fashion student recognised for stunning braille-inspired collection

Bianca Raffaella image 1 "SURMOUNT" issu

Atelier bi-annual fashion magazine

I have been featured in Atelier's Bi-annual fashion magazine for the issue "SURMOUNT".

My work symbolises femininity, strength and overcoming adversity, whilst adapting to the visual arts in a sighted world.

Despite having very little sight I am able to get really close to my work on paper and define the fluid lines. 

I work with both strong and delicate shapes, using Water-soluble pencils, which blur and diffuse my drawn lines.

The work attempts to show, what and how I see in fashion and how I relate to fashion imagery and design. 


I try to capture the moment, personality and identity of the subjects in my fashion drawings. As it is essential to show the extraordinary, spirit and individuality in 

women’s fashion.